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Juan AcevedoLeading and talented hair stylist, proprietor and creative entrepreneur.

With over 30 years of hair salon experience, Juan’s clients can be guaranteed the haircut and style that turns heads as you walk in the corporate meeting, dance on a stage, attend a political event or, most importantly, walk down the aisle.

Juan nurtures the hair as well as the soul with attention to detail and the person. His strongest attribute is “to identify what works and he does it with a sense of style”.

With his 18 years in the field, he has been able to refine and advance his technique. He specializes in natural hair care which includes cut, locs, relaxers and color.

Juan received his beauty technician diploma summa cum laude at Pivot Point in Chicago. He started his career at the Marshall Fields hair salon on State Street where he went to become the youngest senior designer in its history.