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Posted By on May 15, 2012 in Client Testimonial

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Teri Beckham Nashville, Tennessee
I travel from Nashville every six to eight weeks to see Juan. Living in Nashville for 20 years, I’ve not found a hairstylist who can touch him—and I’ve looked. I don’t even tell Juan what I want. I just have a seat and ask him to do what’s best. I don’t care that it’s inconvenient—the best hairstylist is in Chicago. So I go to Chicago.
Linda W. Chicago, Illinois
I’ve been coming to Salon29 to see Juan for nearly 10 years. He did cut my waist long hair into an amazing cut with highlights and I’ve been hooked ever since then. He has an amazing sense of what is best for your hair and style. His vision is always right on. I’ve recommended Juan to many of my friends and associates and all who have gone to see him have loved it!
JD Chicago, Illinois
I’ve been a client of Juan’s for more year that I care to remember. No matter what he does with my hair, it always looks terrific. Color, cut, style – whatever he does is professional and chic. Thank you, Juan, for so many years of making me look great!
Laura M. Indiana
I travel over an hour each way from Indiana to see Juan at Salon29. I have been a client for over 15 years. Juan knows exactly how to make my hair look great and he gives a professional guidance when I am not sure what I want. The salon is modern, sleek and inviting. I am always comfortable and treated just like family. My experience at Salon29 is always relaxing and I leave feeling extremely satisfied.
Judi B. Chicago, Illinois
I have been a client for over 20 years. Juan is fun, quirky and gives a great cut. He pays attention to detail and makes sure every hair is in place. I hope to be a client for at least another 20 years.
Tony Chicago, Illinois
For over 25 years Juan has been styling my hair and doing a fantastic job. His fun and witty character is enjoyed and appreciated. I no longer work downtown but his work and commitment make me coming back for appointments. I go out of my way to see him and will continue to do so. I would not have it another way. Thank you Juan!